A Moveable Feast

Spring is a time of change, of rebirth and new growth. I woke up this morning to a fair bit of snow, so I guess it’s not yet spring in Edmonton, but with the changes in plans my family has made recently, it certainly feels like spring in my life.

Many of you probably know that we’ve been planning a move to New Zealand for years now, and were shooting to be there this coming fall.


Over the past month, we took some time to reassess and reconsider, and we made the decision this Tuesday to permanently change our plans, and stay in Sherwood Park for the next 5-10 years. Yep, it’s a big change in plans, but it’s the right choice for us, so don’t feel sorry for me. The choice was mine and I’m not sorry.

Oh, and I’m not pregnant, so stop asking!

I’m excited to keep up with my clients, to see families grow. I’m excited to do weddings again. One of my goals is to shoot a wedding in Tofino, so if you know anyone who is planning one, send them my way for a killer deal. I’m also introducing a group of Baby’s First Year packages, and possibly a couple of others. I’m officially launching mentoring and photo editing.I have some improvements in mind for my studio, and I hope a lot of big things come of this.

So, if you’re reading this, thanks for sticking by me. Thanks for being a friend or a client or a fan or a h8er or whatever you are 🙂

Michael Farrow PhotographyMe on my wedding day (photo by Michael Farrow Photography )

– Jen McLeod


2 thoughts on “A Moveable Feast

  1. Thanks for staying friend. We can’t imagine anyone but you photographing our family as we grow 🙂 or Sherwood Park without you here.

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